Shoot your face

(Not your foot)



Clients see it, investors see it, your boss is silently judging you on it.

How many times have you clicked off of a profile for looking amateur…

Charisma, branding, and confidence. There’s a reason why you’re photo is at the top of the page.  It communicates who you are, your drive, and what side of the bed you’re likely to wake up on.

Getting a Professional Headshot in 2020 is invaluable.  That’s why I started taking them!

Getting an impactful new look takes less than an hour, costs under £100, and shows everyone in your office who’s serious about the grind.

Here’s what’s on offer:


In the Studio

At the brilliant The Brighton Studio, a wonderful and modern studio in the heart of Brighton.  A creative and vibrant atmosphere for an intimate and exclusive shoot. A much more specialised and unique look, perfect for corporate shots, creative lighting, and to bring out your inner beauty.

Can include up to 4 outfit changes to make sure you get the right look for any occasion.


Full hair and Make-up (45 mins extra)

Double session (For more images, more outfits and creative styling)

Solo: £290 - 1hr 30min

Group 2+: £ 260 per person - 1hr per person


In the office

I come find you!  Need something quick, and want your coffee delivered?  This one’s for you.

Direct to your place of work, or your home office.  We shoot there, using studio lighting, windows and anything else to hand!

Sessions can be done in your lunch break, at the start or end of the day, or any other time you want.

24hrs later, your brand new look lands right into your inbox, ready for you to show off to the world!

A convenient and easy way to get a piece of your branding done quick.  The easiest and most convenient choice for you.

Solo: £95 - 1hr

Group 3+: £75 per person - 45min per person

On Location

Need an image of you and your workplace?  This ones for you. Outdoor / indoor, on the roof, at the beach! The choice is yours.

This is a full shoot at a location which isn’t an office.  This incorporates workplace shots, such as a warehouse, factory, workshop etc.  This can also be at an outdoor location close to your office or in town.

This is perfect to give context for your images, showing off who you are, and what you do in a quick and impactful way to your clients.

Perfect for groups, teams, travellers, and the whole family!

Drop us an email to discuss where is best for you!

Solo: £100 - 1hr

Group 3+: £80 per person - 45min per person


Who’s this for?

I don’t cut cookies, I eat them.  Every shoot I do is unique. You get your own look, your own colours, your own location.  A sure-fire way to stand out in the search list, instantly communicate your brand, and get more right swipes.

Professional headshot sessions for marketers, CEO’s, directors, recruiters, copywriters, freelancers, interns, volunteers, and your cat too.

Incredible, impactful, unique and outstanding profile images are no longer out of reach.


How it works

Professional headshots are a staple part of your Branding.  Everything here is offered with you in mind, to make it easy, cost-efficient and effective.  If there is anything you want to change, discuss or achieve, you only have to let us know!

Headshots aren’t just for models… During the shoot, you can see all the images taken, give your feedback on how you look, and how you want to be presented.  There’s no set formula, and everyone’s face is different. You can hide, or accentuate any feature of yourself you’d like!

Bring your birthday suit!  Clothing is important, and picking out the right pieces can be tough.  Feel free to discuss what you think is best before the shoot.

Any questions, an email, a WhatsApp, a phone call.  Night or day, here to help!


Hey! What ya waiting for?!

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Ramen and rooftop adventures! 🗼

Hi, I’m Chris.  Those are my two favourite things!

For the last 5 years, I was working in Tokyo as a photographer and assistant to renowned photographer Masatoshi Yamashiro (Google him, he’s great!).  It was such a blast, and I’m happy to be back in England to tell the tale! 💴📷

Still trying to remember what being British is all about.

I’ve had stints in high-volume fashion studios, tonnes of travel photography assignments, and met a whole heap of good people.  I decided that people are indeed my thing, and turned my attention to them. So I’m here, taking headshots of wonderful people in the south, and putting a smile on everyone’s face.

Drop me a mail to see what’s up, I’m always down for a chat!🦄


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